An Absolute Professional

My name is David Jacobson and I live in Seattle WA. I recently purchased a new 5th wheel from a RV dealer near San Antonio TX. Purchasing an RV from a dealer in a different state from where I lived was a little daunting to say the least. This process was made significantly easier when I hired Don Baker of DBRVI to perform an inspection on the trailer. From my very first contact with Don I found him to be an absolute professional, immediately instilling my confidence in his ability to do my inspection. Don has a passion for helping RV buyers avoid the costly mistakes and problems that can occur in purchasing your RV. He knows the pitfalls firsthand and has dedicated his business to helping others avoid making the same mistakes. This is my first RV purchase and once I knew Don had my back I slept easier knowing exactly what I was purchasing.

Don’s inspection was completed in a timely manner and extremely thorough. He found small little issues that needed attention that I would have never thought to look at. This was so important to me since when I moved that trailer home to Seattle, I would have no recourse back to the dealer. After the inspection was completed I received an impressive detailed report with numerous photos to back up his findings. Don then spent a lengthy amount of time with me on the phone going over some of the particulars so I was clear on everything. I also received positive feedback from my contact at the dealer as to Don’s professionalism while at their place of business as well.

Don Baker not only saved me money in future repairs, one of the issues he identified could have resulted in a catastrophic failure of a major component. I cannot give Don Baker of DBRVI a high enough recommendation to perform your RV inspection. He knows his trade, has been trained by the best, is a true professional, and will be an integral part of one of your largest purchases.

Dave Jacobson


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