NRVIA certified RV Inspector

Don Baker – RV Inspector


DBRVI was formed after I personally experienced frustration and agony when purchasing multiple Recreational Vehicles over a few years and many times having problems with the RV. I spent countless hours waiting to get into the dealership repair facility and hundreds of dollars to get my RV’s repaired yet sometimes problems still existed.

I decided to learn how to work on my own RV to save time and money so I enrolled in the Mobile Academy RV Maintenance Technicians course where I learned about the many electrical, mechanical and power systems built into today’s RV.

During that training I learned about the National Recreational Vehicle Inspector Association (NRVIA) Certified RV Inspector program.  Without hesitation, I made the decision to become a Certified RV Inspector so I could provide a service to help other RV buyers become better informed on their RV purchase and avoid the frustration and stress that I had experienced.

Donald is a Lifetime Charter Member of the NRVIA and proudly earned his NRVIA Certified RV Inspector certificate in March of 2014 and has performed numerous RV inspections in the Central Texas area since.


Registered Technician Program

March 2017


NRVIA Advanced Inspector

May 2014


NRVIA Certified Inspector

March 2014


RV Maintenance Technician

Jan 2014

About RV Inspections

Most RV buyers do not know what to look for in a used RV, usually they are looking at the floor plan, paint and graphics scheme and furniture but do not take the time to do a very detailed inspection of the unit.

Did you know there are three electrical systems in a RV? Trust me – you need to have the RV inspected by a trained, certified RV inspector, no matter what the age of the RV you are interested in.

Also, it is really difficult to determine the value of an RV without inspecting all elements of the unit.

“ca·ve·at emp·tor” Tacit warning to the buyers that the sellers are not bound to volunteer negative information about the items they are selling. The principle that the buyer alone is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before a purchase is made.

Purchasing a RV from a dealer? DO NOT sign this document (view image below) without having the RV inspected first.